Salim Razawi

Salim razawi

Theatre Maker

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About me: 
Salim Razawi is an actor, improvisor, stage manager, public speaker, educator, theatre artist and dreamer. He majored in Theatre Arts at Las Positas College with an emphasis in acting and a minor in communications. Having been involved in numerous theatrical productions, Salim is no stranger to the theatre. He has been on a two-year collegiate competitive speaking team where he was nationally and internationally recognized and awarded. When not performing, Salim spends his time teaching Theatre Arts, Directing, and Stage Managing through various company in the bay area. 

In middle school Salim moved to a completely different city marked by its great cultural differences. Migrating from a highly diverse town to a very small and uniformed town he had a big internal struggle. Salim was one of two “middle eastern” kids in the entire middle school. You can only imagine the hardships and bullying involved after the 9/11 attacks. Because of all these hardships, Salim developed a very introverted personality. Salim struggled throughout middle school and high school for the way he walked, the way he dressed, the way he talked, the color of his skin, his culture, his religion, and the people who he hung out with. These hardships have led his perseverance to where he is today as a theatre artist, maker and an advocate for youth and teens.