Salim Razawi

What People Say about my work:

Talented, kind, supportive. He's got that special something that's hard to describe. We love Salim!

Salim, I can honestly say because you are in my life It has become so much better. You have inspired me both as a person and an actress to show my true colors and be myself. I am so proud to have you as a director and a mentor. Someday I hope to inspire people as you have inspired me

you have made such an impact in my life! You have taught me to enstill confidence into my acting and I have tried so hard to do that in everything I do. You are such an inspiration to me and other young actors. You are amazing and I could not picture my life without you. Thank you

This was an amazing experience for my daughter. I so admire that Salim found a musical that is not widely known, is mostly singing, has a complicated message and a variety of challenging parts -- and he did an incredible job!! My daughter already wants to sign up for whatever musical Salim directs next summer!

I honestly feel like you've become this motivational speaker on my News Feed who makes me think happy thoughts every day and that's awesome

Salim, you are one of my heroes. That is all.

 Im really proud of the person you are and you are going to do great things in the world!!

Well Salim Razawi is brilliant and the exercise was great, very loving

Salim 's exercises brought me closer to everyone, and it is an experience I wouldn't trade for anything

funny, gives his all in everything, really good leader

funny, friendly, very welcoming

Funny, creative, dedicated

Nice, funny, inspiring

Positive experience for all...there wasn't a competitive nature to the program. Everyone seemed to have a great experience.

Positive, Enthusiastic, Professional

Salim is the best!

Reviews/ Press


Hani in our enemies, golden thread theatre

Our Enemies: Liveley Stories of Love and Combat
Golden Thread Theatre

"...and Salim Razawi (Hani) all delivered beautifully layered performances of men who struggle with their emotions, intellect, and a level of privilege that they are often incapable of understanding."

-George Heymont, Huffington Post

"B: I loved her too. I also really liked the character of the Sheikh’s son, Hani (Salim Razawi). His monologue emails back from visiting his family in Egypt were really lovely. Overall a pretty strong cast."
-Brittany Janis, Drama Talk


Khadim in the north pool, dragon theatre

"Salim Razawi perfectly captures the attitude of a high schooler trapped in a whirlwind of apathy and toxic masculinity" 
-Mark Johnson, Theatre Arts Daily

"A two-person show relies, of course, heavily on the chemistry and skill of the two actors, and Hightower and Razawi, along with Joseph's script and director Jacquelyn Montellato's brisk pacing, do not disappoint"
-Karla Kane, Palo Alto Weekly

"Khadim initially comes across as a sullen teenager, but he, too, shows more depth"
Judy Rithcher, For All Events


Book of liz

"Salim Razawi and Peter Marietta are over-the top funny as the bitchy gay waiters battling both their recoveries and the tourist trap ‘Pilgrim Crock’ ridiculousness."

"The ensemble cast sparkles throughout."

-Steve Muarray of For All Events